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This was fun Good gameplay and art. The character felt a bit slidy for the platforms.

i really like this game! fun to play and i really like the different modes. and really cool graphics!

thanks for trying out my game! I'm glad you enjoyed my game

The sound are really punchy and the music is great.Did you make them yourself?

Also the background particles look awesome.


thanks! I got all my sounds from the ultimate FX bundle on saves me tons of time when doing game jams

Cool, they sound really good. May check them out.

I can tell you put a lot of effort into this! I really like the concept and the fact that you added stories and multiple modes. Art looks great too!

I have seen the YouTuber Vimlark make a similar thing as well. Are you familiar with his work?

I think this could be an interesting project to expand on (power ups, moving platforms?, etc)

Nice work!

Yes I have seen Vimlarks version, in fact his was my inspiration in the first place, I had to eye ball it and make everything from scratch seeing is how I'm using Godot and he used Construct3. Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it, I can see myself expanding this. And I already have an idea for a sequel as well.