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you can just collect the enemies like normal coins for some reason

Yeah I made their hit detection a little too big...

I like the way you kept the atmosphere of this game. You made it really interesting. Keep it up :D

Peter! Thank you so much for playing my game! Yes it was something different for me to approach, I was excited to make it. Thanks for the support, I appreciate it

Cool game GhostBit! I love how you did something original in every level. It was all building up to the final boss fight 😁 I also enjoyed the narrative, it had a good twist at the end! Keep it up man!

Btw, is that a certain shader you used to make it feel pixelated? I have the feeling you made pixel art and then lowered the resolution, which is a pretty nice effect to be honest!

thanks for checking out my game Sander! yes i needed to do something different in each level, to keep it interesting, and you got it right, its my own pixel art, then i lowered the resolution, its a nice effect. thank you so much for trying out my game! I really appreciate it

Amazing game !


Thanks for trying out my game! I appreciate it