Instructions are in the game, I unfortunately  ran out of time, for the backstory of the game, explaining why a milkshake and why your trapped in a dungeon, hopefully I'll add that in the future in the game. so to explain here is the backstory.

BACKSTORY ( if you wish to read):

This game is an Origin story of a character i made in a different game, named Sherry Shake. in this game, she is a little girl, called Little Sherry who is the princess of the Milkshake Kingdom. she finds herself in an unknown dungeon, with no clue as to how she got there. find out and escape the dungeon.

bugs im aware of:

you can't click on the egg spawner, it's a weird bug and have no clue how to fix

and this one was rare for me to get but, there was an instance where i couldn't reload. and the last bug i had a hard time replicating was the milkshake would die when pressing X to stop following you.

Music by Marllon Silva (xDeviruchi).


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Nice game! I found it easiest to not fight and just run through the map :)

I noticed that I would fly across the room whenever I took damage. I think less knockback would be better.

yeah the knockback I forgot to dial that back down. And I forgot to add a do not move to the next room until you destroy the enemies function... but thanks for checking out my game!

cool game but i dont understand really

Thanks for playing. The story? Or as to what you needed to do?

Everything fine Im just bad at english 😅