Entry for GE Jam #3

Split Fate Story- ever wonder what happens when a Sleep Paralysis Demon actually grabs you? Unfortunately Amy has found out, as she is dragged into the Nightmare Zone. she also feels out of place as she realizes she is split down the middle, and her other half is her Demonic self. they must work together and get out of this maze they are in, and escape the Nightmare Zone

Controls ( they are displayed in the game, but just in case) : 

Move and Jump: Arrow Keys

Change Gravity: Space Key

this is my first entry in a Game Jam! I definitely had a blast, and the Discord Community was Awesome! thanks for being so welcome and helpful.


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Hey nice game! The mechanic with the gravity change is great!

The art is also very nice :)

Thank you so much! Yeah I am proud of the art work I did


Good Game!

Also there is a triple jump and wall climb so you can complete the game without gravity change lol

Yeah they were mechanics I made in the original idea I had for this game, I kept them in the game, cause I didn't have time to go back and change it, I just figured I wouldn't mention it lol but thank you so much for playing!I'm glad you liked it